Specialty Teachers

Lindsay Wellman, Visual Arts

Hamilton College, BA

Quote: “The question is not what you look at, but what you see.”   —Henry David Thoreau

During her time at Hamilton College, Lindsay Wellman studied ceramics and glass under the guidance of internationally recognized glass artist Robert Palusky.

Inspired by his dedication and passion, Lindsay decided to focus her studio art degree in pottery, and stayed on after graduation to work in the ceramics studio as an artist-in-residence. For two years she was responsible for all studio materials and equipment, and assisted with undergrad instruction in sculpting, pottery, and glass. During this time Lindsay worked on developing her portfolio, participated in various art shows, and was featured in several local galleries. 

After moving to UT, Lindsay taught Art and helped lead Outdoor Education programs at The Colby school for four years before becoming the heart and soul of Park City Day School's Visual Art program in 2010.  In the spring of 2013, Ms. Wellman was promoted to lead the growing Middle School at Park City Day school, bringing impressive breadth and depth of relevant experience in education and leadership. Already actively engaged with the school's Outdoor Education program, Lindsay’s extensive background in outdoor leadership, team building, experiential education, leadership and customer service make her a gifted and effective leader for the Middle School team.  In addition, her evident success at integrating creativity, collaboration, character development and interdisciplinary content into her classroom and her mentoring of new teachers demonstrates a fluency with those 21st century skills that we aim to develop in our students  - including collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and effective communication.  email >

Tanya Taylor, Performing Arts 

University of Utah, BA

Quote: "Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes offthe goal." —E. Joseph Cossman

Tanya Taylor has taught performing arts at The Colby School, Park City Arts and Music Conservatory, and Park City Academy. She is a founding member and performer of The Park City Three Sopranos, and spent several years in college performing with the rock band Pure Element.

Tanya also serves as Managing Director for both her companies, Taylor Productions and Taylor Studios. In recent years, her production companyteamed up with The Egyptian Theatre to produce A Night Out With MJ, atribute concert in honor of the legendary Michael Jackson. In 1998 Tany assigned on to professionally accompany The Park City Singers and in 2006, after 13 amazing seasons with the singers, she was asked to becometheir Artistic Director. She continues today in this capacity.Tanya loves spending time with her daughter, Kendyl, playing sports,and studying history. email >

Caitlin Fowler, EC Music & Strings Performance

University of Utah, B.Mus

Caitlin Fowler began playing the violin at age six . She studied with Deborah Moench and,later, with Gerald Elias. Caitlin received her Bachelor’s of Music in Violin Performance from the University of Utah where she played with the Honors Quartet, New Music Ensemble, andthe Philharmonia. While there, she studied with Hasse Borup. Prior to attending the University of Utah, Caitlin studied at the University of Southern California’s (USC) Thornton School of Music where she played with the USC Symphony and various chamber groups. While at USC she was a student of the renowned teacher Eudice Shapiro. Caitlin played professionally with the Ohio Light Opera Pitt Orchestra and is the founding member of the Cumberland Quartet.

Caitlin teaches at the Utah Conservatory and has managed her own private violin studio since 2007.She recently took part in Suzuki Teacher Training programs in both Utah and Idaho and looks forward to completing the rest of the training. Caitlin is a native Utah and currently resides in Salt Lake City. email >


Joanne Staral,  Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison, BS

Quote: “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”—Mahatma Gandhi

Encouraged to enter the world of education by an inspirational high school instructor, Joanne Staral began her teaching career at the middle school level in Madison, Wisconsin. She came to Park City with a strong background in child development and reading, and had the opportunity towork with an amazing group of students at the middle and elementary school level. Nearly three decades later, she now puts her teaching expertise to work for Early Childhood and Elementary students at Park City Day School, where she enjoys the challenge and creative freedom of the independent schoolsetting.

Joanne’s teaching approach emphasizes engaging activities that bring learning to life and collaborative projects that teach children to work cooperatively in the classroom. She has a passion for educating her students about the earth and the significance of “treading lightly” aswe go about our daily lives. Joanne also directs the greenhouse science program at PCDS, an integrated part of all students' science curriculum at school.

Away from the classroom, Joanne likes to ski, bike, fly fish and hike in the beautiful mountains surrounding Park City. email >

Charlotte Friedman, ScienceCharlotte Friedman
University of North Carolina at Wilmington, BA
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Teaching License

Quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world."  —Mahatma Gandhi

Charlotte was born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina and spent her summers on the coast of Virginia. She spent her time exploring her natural landscape, instilling a love and curiosity for the world around her, which led to a love of Science to help unlock the world's mysteries that she encountered during these explorations.

After graduating with a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Charlotte shared her love of nature and science with local school children at Don Lee Environmental Education Center. It was here that she found her passion and excitement for teaching and sharing science and nature with children. Charlotte continued to work at environmental education centers around the country, working as an naturist, youth volunteer coordinator and environmental educator.

While at UNC, this time in Chapel Hill, to become a classroom teacher where she could continue to share her love of Science, Charlotte married husband, a soldier.  After moving around for several years for his career, they decided to set down roots and moved to Park City to be a part of the amazing community found there.

Charlotte loves to spend her free-time cooking, gardening, hiking and learning about the unique ecosystem that surrounds the Park City area.

Jessica Huser, SpanishJessica Huser
Butler University, BA
Indiana University & Universidad de Salamanca, MAT

Quote: Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. ~John Dewey 

A native of Indianapolis, Jessica Huser majored in Spanish and Journalism at Butler University (Go Dogs!).  While at Butler, she spent time abroad at the University of Valencia in Spain.   To further her study, she enrolled in graduate school at Indiana University, which was partnered with the University of Salamanca in Spain, for an MAT in Spanish Education.  This program allowed her to study in Spain for two additional summers and to teach Spanish to undergraduate students at Indiana University.

After Jessica moved to Park City, she worked as an ESL teacher at Jeremy Ranch Elementary and taught Adult ESL for Park City's Community Education program.  While she had a wonderful experience helping children and adults learn English, she is thrilled to be teaching Spanish again and enjoys working with a broad spectrum of grade levels at PCDS.

Jessica lives in Summit Park with her husband, James. In her free time, she likes to play tennis, read, and enjoy everything about Park City.  Together, they love to ski, bike, cook, and travel. email >

Keiko Ito, Spanish
Sophia University, BA

Quote:  “Only fierce compassion can overcome hatred” -  His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Keiko Ito was born and raised bilingually in Tokyo, Japan. She attended the American Schooland other International Schools in Japan while being home schooled in Japanese. Spanish was the third language she began studying in middle school. At age 16, she knew she would someday become a teacher when she opened a Language Club for children at a local park in her neighborhood. She graduated with a BA in Comparative Culture from the International Division of the Sophia University in Tokyo, and continued her studies in Spanish at the University of Montana and the University of Guadalajara. With more than 30 years of teaching English and Japanese as a second language, and Spanish for a decade, Keiko’s mission is not only to share her love of languages but to coach global tolerance, acceptance, compassion and empathy to the next generation. She is the mother of two trilingual children. email >

Skye Shelton-Hoffmeister, Service Learning Coordinator
University of Utah, BA 
Brigham Young University, Urban Teaching Program

Quote: “With self discipline, most anything is possible.” —Theodore Roosevelt

Skye Shelton-Hoffmeister’s love of learning and passion for teaching has unerringly led her to be a professional educator. She enjoys exercising her creativity and knowledge when planning original lessons. She has taught several grade levels from 2nd to 8th in her 13-year career and is enthusiastic to teach every day.

As a recipient of a Japan Fulbright Scholarship, Skye values diversity and strives to teach her students valuable skills for our global community. She has taken groups of students on education experiences to Washington D.C. and Italy as well as numerous camping trips throughout Utah. Hands-on community service learning projects have been an integral part of each class that Skye has taught.

Skye and husband Jim live in Salt Lake City with a family of dogs, a cat and their two young children, Zephyr and Juniper. Outside teaching, her passions include yoga, hiking, snowboarding and traveling. email >

Susan Parker, Visual Arts
Susan Parker
BA, University of Vermont
5th Year Certificate in Art Education, University of Vermont

Quote: "Children will forget what you say, forget what you do, but will never forget how you make them feel" -- Maya Angelou

Susan is a state certified art teacher with 25 years art teaching experience with Kindergarten-8th Grade in Vermont. Upon moving to Park City, she started the after school program, ARTSPARK, to provide more art education opportunities for Park City children.

Experienced in all media, her first love is painting. She is an abstract painter and a member of Park City Professional Artists' Association. She has exhibited her work at the Kimball Arts Festival, Park Silly Market and local venues.  Susan enjoys skiing, biking and hiking in her free time. email >

Jill Cramer,  Learning Specialist
Lake Erie College, BA

SUNY at Albany, MS

Quote: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,  butby every moment that takes your breath away.”     —Anonymous

Jill Cramer has taught 2nd grade in Catskill, NY and 1st grade in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia with the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) and 3rd and 4th grades at PCDS for many years. Her first year at ARAMCO, she received the Outstanding Teacher Award. During her employment there, she was also the Reading Specialist for K-5, and taught Kindergarten and 2nd grade. In addition to her teaching experiences, she worked as a Training Coordinator, developing professional courses for the Purchasing Department, and a Computer Instructor.

When Jill and her husband, Dan, returned to the states and settled in Park City, they started an export company and currently own and operate several companies worldwide. After spending time in the business world, Jill went back into teaching at what was then Park City Academy, now Park City Day School, where she has taught 3rd grade for over ten years. 

Outside of work, Jill is a private pilot who also loves skiing, scubadiving, and traveling. She was also a dancer in a theatrical company. Her goal is to visit 100 countries and bring geography alive for all students. email >

Stephanie Carter, Learning Specialist
Western Washington University, BA

Grand Canyon University, M.Ed.

Quote: “The more that you read, the more things you willknow.  The more that you learn, the moreplaces you’ll go.”  - Dr. Seuss

Native to the Pacific Northwest, Stephanie began herteaching career working for a private school in Seattle, WA.  There she taught English and social studiesto middle schoolers, while also providing academic support to students at boththe elementary and middle school level.  Afterthe birth of her daughters, she started her own tutoring and educationalconsulting business - helping students achieve their academic goals and guidingthem through admissions procedures for middle and high school entrance.  She is thrilled to be joining the PCDScommunity and supporting its students.

In her free time, Stephanie enjoys a good book, snowboardingand spending time with her husband, daughters and their boxer. 

Kathryn Belczyk, Learning Specialist  (On Leave for '14-'15)
University of Delaware, BS, MS

Quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi

Kathryn was born and raised in the first state, Delaware. She attended the University of Delaware for both her Bachelor Degree in Education and Masters Degree in Reading. She taught in Delaware for the past six years in grades 6th-8th as a special education teacher.

She knew she wanted to be a teacher at a young age, as her own teachers had inspired her. She strives to continue her life-long love of learning. She takes any opportunity she can to learn more and conveys her passion of learning in her teaching. email >

She has always taken the opportunity to travel during the summers. She has traveled throughout many countries in Europe, and has studied abroad in South Africa. She has also driven across the U.S. four times. Her love of travel and experiencing life out west led her to make a permanent cross-country trip to Park City. She has found knew hobbies in mountain biking and rock climbing, since she has moved here. email >


Tom Gatta, Physical Education
Castleton State College, BS

Quote: "Competition is the spice of sports; but if you make spice the whole meal you'll be sick."  - George Leonard

In his fourth year at PCDS, Tom serves as PCDS's sole Physical Education teacher and Athletic Director. During his first year at PCDS, Tom worked as a Jr. Kindergarten Assistant and Athletic Director.  Prior to that, he was at The Colby School as an Instructional aide.

His interest and enthusiasm for sports carries over into his teaching.  He teaches his students the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, self-motivation, physical fitness and health through sports education.

Tom, an avid athlete, was a four-sport varsity athlete in high school and two-sport, Division 3 athlete at Castleton State College.  He continues to be involved in competitive sports, playing ice hockey Park City Pioneers.  Originally from Niskayuna New York, now a resident of Park City, Tom enjoys all the outdoor activities that Utah has to offer. email >

Ben OllettBen Ollett, Physical Education
Rutgers University, BS
Northern Colorado University, MS

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.”  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sports and the outdoors have always played an important role in Ben’s life.  He attended Rutgers University where he played soccer and graduated with a BS in Exercise Physiology.  After college, Ben began racing bicycles and started work as a cycling coach in Colorado Springs, CO.  In the last twelve years, he has coached cyclists to 15 US National Titles in Mountain Biking and Cyclocross as well as a Bronze Medal in Mountain Biking at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

After completing a Master’s Degree in Sport Pedagogy at the University of Northern Colorado, Ben turned his focus to youth sport and physical education and is thrilled to be a part of the Park City Day School Community.

When he’s not teaching or riding his bike, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife, Megan and dog, Hank. email >