A successful education is more than just academic preparation. Park City Day School appreciates the fundamental importance of the relationships between its students and its teachers. Although our teachers are all exceptionally qualified academically, they teach children -- not subject-areas -- and understand that not all students learn in the same ways. At Park City Day School teaching is more than just a job.

Every teaching vacancy is filled through a national search and careful screening process to ensure a good match between the prospective teacher and the mission and culture of the PCDS school community. On the basis of successful evaluations, teachers are rehired annually.


Meet the talented, dedicated teachers who make extraordinary things happen each and every day at our school.

How We Teach

Park City Day School teachers are well-educated professionals able to connect meaningfully on a personal level with the individual children in their classes. Carefully selected, mentored, and regularly evaluated, Park City Day School teachers deliberately and proactively align daily student work with research-based best pedagogical practices to challenge and support student academic and social-emotional growth. 

Although Park City Day School teachers have the autonomy to adjust their lessons and, to some extent their curriculum, in order to better meet the needs and interests of their students, they agree and ascribe to the following professional best practices that help define the unique value of learning at our school. 

Coaching and Challenging

PCDS teachers coach in the classroom and in so doing take advantage of educational opportunities to extend their students beyond their comfort zone in order to expand their academic and thinking skills. Students are appropriately challenged and are allowed to learn from their mistakes. Positively reinforced practice creates neural pathways vital to learning development. Our teachers model, communicate, give feedback, and share a running commentary or dialogue of what we see happening, and behavior we'd like to encourage. As a result our students feel confident to share their opinions, ideas, and concerns in a non-threatening/non-judgmental setting.  

Doing and Succeeding

PCDS teachers create a consistent and predictable environment oriented toward success: a social and emotional context in which all mission appropriate children can be successful and love to learn, especially after they haven't been successful. As a result, our students learn by doing. Addressing open-ended questions, project-based learning in student teams and the effective integration of technology foster creative and innovative problem-solving skills and strategies.  Students feel safe taking risks in an academically, socially, and emotionally safe microcosm that nurtures their thinking and communication skills. 

Variety and Connections

Although Park City Day School’s curriculum is organized into the traditional academic disciplines, PCDS teaching teams communicate regularly and work together collegially. Themed topics in multiple subject areas reinforce the connectivity of knowledge through interdisciplinary learning. Variety and well-planned, focused activity are hallmarks of the PCDS learning process. Through both formative and summative assessments, students are provided timely feedback regarding growth, areas of further growth, and opportunities to expand in areas of interest.

Hearts and minds

PCDS teachers stimulate their students to develop the attitudes, perspectives and skills they need to be happy and successful adults. At the heart of the PCDS program is the consistent and constant attention to the infusion of the School’s core values—responsibility, respect, compassion, integrity, and teamwork-- and development of the whole child.  The core values are reinforced and taught in timely, teachable moments that add value and meaning to the child.

Sharing and Supporting

PCDS teachers engage and partner with PCDS parents to reinforce and expand the learning environment beyond the school day. The five core values of the school are as important among adults in the community as among the children. As professionals in working with children, PCDS teachers can advise and support parents in establishing good habits for their children and they depend upon parents to evaluate their children’s educational needs and progress and to communicate proactively.

Why Park City Day School?

“The mountains in our backyard provide amazing outdoor education experiences for Park City Day School students. As a teacher at PCDS, I have the unique opportunity to bring my class to a trailhead steps from our school to hike and snowshoe, and I love sledding during recess!" 
--Megan Ollett,  2nd grade teacher
Meet Megan and the rest of our faculty.