The DNA of Park City Day School 

Who We Are

Small Community, Big Education, Infinite Possibilities . . .

What We Do

We prepare and inspire our students to lead great and giving lives.

How We Do It

We position our students to be resilient learners, creative thinkers, confident communicators, ethical decision makers and empathetic citizens of the world. We provide a challenging educational environment that is:


We embrace our students’ interests, ideas and independence -- we challenge them to achieve their personal best.


We foster learning that is active and hands on -- in the real world, not just in the classroom.


We work together to create the best possible learning environment, where everyone feels secure, valued and supported.

·      Among teachers -- with thematic, cross-curricular integration

·      Between teachers and students -- where intellectual curiosity and collaboration lead to student-centered learning

·      Among students -- building relationships and appreciating other perspectives


We infuse our core values – responsibility, respect, compassion, integrity, and teamwork – in timely, teachable moments.


We challenge our students, through academically vigorous programs and a multi-faceted curriculum, to be active solution seekers. We foster academic, athletic, artistic and personal growth.


We seek to prepare our students for a future that today we cannot fully imagine by embracing creativity, intellectual daring and the enjoyment of discovering things unknown.


We foster a community where students, teachers, parents and alumni belong to, rather than merely attend PCDS. 

"Strive for five" School Values


Respect means listening quietly and looking at the person who is talking to you. – Grade 3

Respect means being a good sport – Grade 2


Responsibility means if your dad buys you something you don’t lose it. – Grade 5

I display responsibility by helping my mom, walking my dog and being honest. – Grade 7

Strive for Five


Teamwork means helping each other at clean up time. – Grade 2

Teamwork means playing and working together with as many friends as you want it to be. – Grade 1


Integrity means doing what’s right, honest and fair. –Grade 5

Personal integrity means being honest and doing the right thing, even when it's hard to do.  –  Grade 6


Compassion is if my brother falls down, I'll say 'Are you OK' and then help him up – Jr.Kindergarten

Compassion is empathy, love and mercy. People feel compassion for others even if they don’t know them. – Graduate