Middle School Program

Intellectual, social, physical and ethical development of early adolescents for grades 6 - 8.

In a respectful environment that’s sensitive to the dramatic changes children experience during early adolescence, Park City Day School students develop leadership skills and learn to make responsible choices, both academically and socially.

The Middle School Program offers a challenging curriculum that is a solid preparation for academic success in high school and beyond. Our experienced middle level educators mentor as well as teach, and through frequent personal interaction and an advisory program, they encourage students to navigate the challenges of adolescence in healthy and positive ways. Through these close, nurturing relationships, we help to shape our students into the positive adults they will become.   more >

A Day in the Classroom

A typical day in the classroom involves hands-on, experiential learning and integrated technology utilized to help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary for success. The advanced, researched based curriculum, the project-oriented, experiential learning environment, and the intellectual example displayed by exceptional teachers foster in our students a habit for lifelong learning.  Students participate in visual arts, outdoor learning, service learning, student government, and explore a variety of elective courses that help them to grow as individuals, and peer groups are supportive and encouraging of that developing individuality.

Swaner Science Experiment
All the World’s a Classroom
Middle school students don’t just learn from books, they learn from experience. Whether its hiking in the Teton National Forest or exploring local nature preserves, each excursion is an opportunity for lifelong learning. Meet the MS faculty.