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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Our Commitment to Care

Guided by its mission, to prepare and inspire our students to lead great and giving lives, Park City Day School embraces the unique qualities of each individual within our PCDS and broader community. As an institution, we are cognizant of the connected and global nature of our world and respect the different and varied perspectives, values, backgrounds, and points of view of individuals. 

We value the richness of experience achieved by a diverse community, seek to promote and enhance the learning experience for our students, and want to prepare them to be leaders in a global and diverse world by deepening our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through the measures outlined below:

Sample DEIB Calendar

First page of the PDF file: DEIBSept2023Calendar

Statement of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

1. Develop a strong community and curriculum committed to diversity,
equity, and inclusion and an outreach program to ensure our connectivity with, and commitment to our local community.
    a. Create a DEIB Coordinator staff position dedicated to:
            i. The collaboration, guidance, and execution of DEIB initiatives across different operational levels within the PCDS community. 
            ii. The cultivation of strategic relationships with, and participation in, the larger Park City community to strengthen our outreach and connection as a school and community member.
    b. Establish a Steering Committee which includes a board member, current teachers, HOS, the DEIB Coordinator, current parents, former parents, and a non-PCDS community member, to oversee initiatives and action steps that reflect the PCDS commitment to DEIB.
    c. Establish a board representative for PCDS work dedicated to collaboration around DEIB.
    d. Provide for regular and ongoing professional training of staff, and when appropriate, community members, in order to both develop appropriate knowledge and to evolve our understanding and respect for all members of both the PCDS community and the Park City community at large.
    e. Continue our integration of DEIB work into the PCDS curriculum including, but not limited to, a yearly school-wide DEI initiative. 
     f. Provide for regular and ongoing opportunities for students to engage in activities and community events that represent our commitment to equity and inclusion. 
2. Be active members and participate in a global community of learners.
    a. Implement multicultural inquiry-based educational programs.
    b. Continue to be an active  participant in the Round Square organization and network of schools. 
3. Regularly connect each of the PCDS Strive for Five Values of respect, responsibility, compassion, integrity, and teamwork to diversity, equity, and inclusion through curriculum, social and emotional programs, and school wide initiatives that are known and well understood by the community.
4. Provide for financial assistance through the form of scholarships and tuition-assistance programs to: 
    a. Ensure there are financial resources to provide tuition assistance in furtherance of all types of diversity and merit, and particularly for students of color and from different socio-economic levels.
    b. Provide resources for financial aid recipients to participate at little or no cost in fee-based opportunities such as conferences, student exchanges, and our outdoor experiences. 
5. Seek to attract and retain a staff and student body that is diverse and representative of both our local and broader global community.
    a. Define what constitutes a diverse staff and student body and set clear goals and strategies to recruit and retain the desired staff and student body.
    b. Participate in comprehensive searches and hiring fairs to reach a broader pool of applicants.
    c. Define diversity initiatives as fundamental goals of the institution to attract and retain staff who embrace, understand, and invest in PCDS work with DEI. 

Defining Terms

Diversity - All the things that are different among us. Our different identities, traits, characteristics. They are the full range of differences that are both visible and non-visible that make each individual unique. 

Inclusion - It is centering a voice that may otherwise be marginalized and has historically been excluded by society and institutions. Inclusion tries to center the non-dominant perspective and differing ideas to define organizations and policy and help shape organizational culture.     

Equality - focuses on inputs--assumes we start from the same place (have the same input of resources, time, amount of stuff, opportunity, support, access)

Equity - focuses on outcomes--values equity in performance, academic achievement,  social/emotional skills and growth opportunity, resources assumes all start from different places.

Belonging- To be seen, heard, valued and loved. An affinity for a place or situation. 

Land Acknowledgement

We would like to acknowledge the Ute and Eastern Shoshone Tribal Nations, the ancestral keepers of the land Park City Day School calls home. We acknowledge them as the past, present, and future caretakers of this land.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Park City Day School does not discriminate or give preferential consideration because of gender, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, gender identity, age, citizenship, marital status, veteran status, ethnic or national origin of its families, students or employees.

Some Samples of Past DEIB Projects: