For developmentally appropriate three and four year old students, the Early Childhood Program at Park City Day School supports the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth as well as fundamental attitudes and skills essential for academic success. Children explore their world and express their personalities through conversation, group activities, books, music, science and technology, art, and outdoor play. These fundamental learning experiences allow students to practice developing skills, to learn new concepts, to make connections, and to deepen prior knowledge. Teachers and parents work closely with one another to reinforce age-appropriate expectations regarding behavior as well as academic readiness.


Students in Preschool and Junior Kindergarten experience a rich learning environment. Teachers thoughtfully plan curriculum activities that support learning within a rich cultural and scientific context. In concert with the lead teacher, enrichment teachers engage and stimulate students to explore the wonders of learning. Additional enrichment instruction includes:
  • Spanish
  • Science
  • Music
  • Visual Art (Beginning in Junior Kindergarten)
  • Physical Education

Technology & Learning

Technology and Learning

The Early Childhood program incorporates technology as children collaborate in small groups with a classroom set of iPads. Designed specifically to meet the developmental needs of young children, the iPad apps used at Early Childhood offer a wide array of learning activities to young children. The Early Childhood teachers are able to make observations while the children work in these groups and can support the acquisition of skills with hands-on activities.   The EC faculty utilizes dynamic learning apps that support and enhance the classroom curriculum. As the EC students use technology at school, they learn important vocabulary and incorporate technological terminology in their everyday language. With support, children learn the role of technology in everyday life and also begin to view it as an important research tool.

EC Fast Facts

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  • PCDS Early Childhood By The Numbers

    • One Preschool classroom of two teachers welcomes three year-olds turning four during the academic year. 
    • Preschool meets 8:15am-12:30pm for morning program 3-5 days a week; 8:15-3:30pm for full-day program 3-5 days a week. 
    • One Jr.Kindergarten classroom of two teachers welcomes four year-olds turning five during the academic year.
    • Jr.Kindergarten meets 8:15am-12:30pm for morning program 5 days a week; 8:15-3:30pm for full-day program 5 days a week.
    • Extended-day care is availble until 5:30pm M-F
    • Flexible schedules allow for parents and teachers to determine the best enrollment schedule for each student individiually within the parameters of our program goals. 
  • PCDS Early Childhood students engage in:

    • A community of learners with older PCDS students through cross-age student buddy pairings and all-school assemblies.  
    • A rich learning & nurturing environment with high expectations.
    • A supportive classroom setting that can meet individual needs.
    • Specialist enrichment in areas such as Visual Arts, Music, Science and technology, Spanish, and Physical Education.
  • PCDS Early Childhood parents can expect:

    • A safe community in which each child is known and cared for.
    • A commitment to meeting each child's needs.
    • A committment to nuturing and preserving wonderment, creativity, and curiosity
    • Detailed narrative assessments and regular school/home communications.
    • Constructive partnership with the team of EC and specialist teachers.

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