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Lower School

Lower School Overview

In our K-5 Lower School Program, our core academic and specialist programs allow our students to develop advanced core competencies while maintaining a love of school and learning. Our students form lifelong bonds with their classmates and teachers as they begin to develop their passions and a strong moral character.  

Education is not an affair of 'telling' and being told, but an active and constructive process.  


–John Dewey, Father of Progressive Education

Our K-5 Lower School consists of one section per grade level with 15-20 students. Our curriculum focuses on hands-on, project-based learning which is integrated across subject areas. For example, our 3rd Grade Park City History Unit involves field trips to local historical sites, watercolor drawings of landmark buildings, written monologues of characters from Park City's past, a performance in the voice of that character, and even a presentation of research in Spanish. Our standards and learning outcomes are embedded in each thematic unit and students are held to a high academic standard. Finally, our Strive for Five Core Values are woven into all we do to ensure positive character development and global citizenship. 

View the full Park City Day School Educational Philosophy here and the K-8 Curriculum Guide here. 

Lower School parents can expect:

  • A safe, intimate community in which each child is known and cared for.
  • High-quality academic programs in literacy and math and a full slate of specialist classes. 
  • A commitment to meeting each child's needs both academically and socially.
  • A desire to nurture and preserve a love of learning through authentic project-based learning. 
  • Detailed student-involved parent teacher conferences and narrative portfolio assessments each twice per year. 
  • Regular home communications including weekly newsletters.
  • A constructive partnership with a team of master homeroom and specialist teachers.
  • Ample opportunities to volunteer in the classroom and to be actively involved in your child's educational experience. 


Lower School students engage in:

  • A highly-engaging, experiential learning environment that challenges students academically and supports them along the way.
  • An inclusive community of learners with exposure to multi-age buddy class pairings, all-school assemblies, and collaborative activities across grade levels.  
  • A warm, nurturing environment with high expectations and a joy of learning.
  • A supportive classroom setting that can meet individual needs while preparing children for the rigors of Middle School.
  • Ample unstructured creative play time, often in the outdoors.
  • Specialist enrichment classes in Science, Spanish, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Library and Wellness (PE).

Lower School Fast Facts

  • Each Lower School Lead Teacher welcome between 15-20 students in beautiful light-filled classrooms.
  • We maintain a school-wide student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1.
  • K-5 students experience a full slate of specialist classes including the following:
    • Science Lab (twice per week)
    • Spanish Language (twice per week)
    • Performing Arts (twice per week)
    • Visual Arts (twice per week)
    • Round Square Class (once per week) 
    • Library (once per week) 
  • Overnight Outdoor Education trips begin in 3rd Grade.