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Middle School

Middle School Overview

Our sixth through eighth grade Middle School Program is unlike any other. An intimate and diverse community of learners come together to expand their academic interests, hone their skills, and engage in critical conversations around global issues. With core classes in math, social studies, literature, and science and a full slate of specialty and elective classes, our middle school students are not only highly-engaged in their own learning journey, but also well-prepared for the best high schools. Most uniquely, our middle schoolers are accepted for who they are as authentic and diverse individuals. 

Our Middle School students' day is a vibrant mix of engaged academic study and robust social interaction. With core subjects in Math, English Literature, Social Studies and Science and enjoyable specialist classes in Visual and Performing Arts, Wellness (PE), and Spanish, our students are creative, bright, and curious.

We believe students should be active participants in their learning and our Middle School achieves just that. Our students love coming to school because our skilled faculty make learning fun as they facilitate collaboration and robust thematic projects. As in Lower School, these projects are often integrated across subject areas, so our students can experience the interconnectedness of our world firsthand. Utilizing discussion-based Harkness circles and the Socratic method of teaching, our students learn how to listen attentively, disagree respectfully, and communicate effectively.      

View the full Park City Day School Educational Philosophy here and the K-8 Curriculum Guide here.

Middle School parents can expect:

  • A safe community in which each child is known and deeply respected and celebrated for who they are.
  • A robust and highly-engaging academic environment.
  • A commitment to meeting your child's academic and social needs.
  • In-depth student-led parent teacher conferences and comprehensive narrative assessments, each twice per year. 
  • Regular home communications and online access to assignments and grades.
  • A constructive partnership with the team of Middle School core subject and specialist teachers, led by your child's advisor.
  • A commitment to nurture and preserve a joy of learning and a love of school.

Middle School students engage in:

  • An inclusive community based on individuality and mutual respect.
  • Weekly check-ins with the class Advisor.
  • Daily core subject classes in math, english literature, social studies, & science. 
  • Specialist classes in Spanish, wellness, visual and performing arts, Round Square service leadership, and quarterly electives.
  • Critical conversations around concepts in DEIB. 
  • Weeklong Outdoor Education trips. 
  • Student-led social events such as dances and retreats.
  • Round Square conferences, international exchanges, and service learning projects.
  • House challenges with 8th Grade serving as house captains. 
  • Close interpersonal relationships with peers and trusted faculty members.
  • Mentoring & leadership opportunities through the buddy class program.

The only way we can create global peace is through not only educating our minds, but our hearts and our souls.


–Malala Yousafzai, Activist 

Fast Facts

  • Middle School classes average 15-18 students per grade.
  • We maintain a school wide student-to-teacher ratio of less than 8:1.
  • 6th through 8th grade students remain in grade groupings for core subjects but intermingle for specialist classes.
  • Each class has the opportunity for weeklong Outdoor Education trips in both the fall and spring. 
  • We have a "Bring Your Own Device Policy" in the Middle School with strict parameters around technology usage.
  • Our graduates are highly successful at their chosen high schools. We currently have graduates attending The Waterford School, Rowland Hall, Judge Memorial, The Winter Sports School, and Park City High School, among others.