At PCDS technology and learning goes beyond having iPads and laptops available for student use to produce traditional academic work; technology in our classrooms is a conduit through which learning is processed, created, applied. As an integral aspect of our larger learning program, technology at PCDS is woven into the daily routines of both teaching and learning.  Emphasizing hands-on, collaborative activities,  students demonstrate comprehension and understanding of academic content as well as how best to leverage these technological tools in the service of learning.  In the younger grades students explore technology through learning apps, as their interaction with technology grows over time into a more complex world of digital production, coding, and cross-curricular projects.  At the core are the essential skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and digital literacy.
PCDS provides students with opportunities to utilize laptops or tablets to interact with each other and with content to facilitate the acquisition of content knowledge and skills.  In the Lower School, students take advantage of classroom iPad carts in Grades K-2 or MacBook Laptop carts in grades 3-5; at the Middle School, students participate in a 1:1 laptop environment each with a MacBook laptop.   These tools,  coupled with classroom resources provide the framework for learning through and learning with technology.
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