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January 21, 2021 -- COVID Update

COVID-19 Update
We are happy to report that over 90% of PCDS staff have received their first dose of the Moderna vaccine. We have been incredibly impressed by the local rollout of the vaccine and are thankful to be included in this early round of recipients.
Although it feels like we are starting to turn a corner with the virus, please know our vigilance and commitment to health and safety has only heightened. We are renewing our mantras of distancing, hand-washing, and proper mask-wearing each and every day with our students and ourselves. Thank you for continuing to do the same at home.
And finally, thank you for your continued input regarding our management of the situation and decision-making. We are grateful to hear your perspectives and, also appreciate your support of the hard decisions we have to make. 
Our Task Force continues to meet regularly while guiding responsible adjustments to our protocols as the local health situation evolves. To that end, we are happy to report a new element to our Health and Safety Guide, allowing for a shortened (seven day) quarantine, when all of the following specific circumstances apply:
  • Both individuals were wearing masks at the time of contact, 
  • Exposure took place off-campus, 
  • The subject receives a negative PCR test when taken on the 7th day after initial exposure, 
  • The subject is without any symptoms. 
While this return to campus path will only apply in specific instances, we believe it to be a responsible and proactive step to keep students and staff on campus as much as possible. The Task Force is also reviewing daily on-campus operations to look for ways in which we can limit class interaction within a pod in order to avoid unnecessary “close contact.” We will keep you posted as this effort develops. 

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