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Annual Fund

The Annual Fund Campaign

Nothing is more essential to the operating budget of an independent school than the Annual Fund campaign. It is common practice for schools like us to rely upon the Annual Fund to provide an education above and beyond the cost of tuition. Your generous support makes it possible to attract accomplished teachers, offer an innovative curriculum, and enhance our exceptional programs in science, foreign language, visual and performing arts, wellness, outdoor education, and music.
By design, the Annual Fund allows PCDS to keep tuition within reach for a broad spectrum of families, while providing a tax-deductible opportunity to those who participate. This vibrant, five-week campaign takes place each fall and helps provide the resources necessary for a rich and robust academic program. 

Support of the Annual Fund ensures that a great educational experience becomes an extraordinary one. Each gift – both large and small – makes a difference in the lives of our students and teachers. We invite you to make PCDS a top priority in your philanthropic giving plans and we sincerely appreciate your support!


Fund Facts

Park City Day School relies upon your tax-deductible Annual Fund contribution to help provide an educational experience above and beyond what tuition covers. Your financial support helps make the difference between a strong academic program and an excellent one. Your participation ensures that PCDS has the resources it needs to provide an outstanding curriculum – including specialty programs in STEAM, Foreign Language, Visual and Performing Arts, Music, Wellness, and Outdoor Education.

Last year’s Annual Fund campaign was comprised of gifts in all shapes and sizes – ranging from $5 to $50,000. Each and every donation helps to make a positive impact in the life of our students and teachers. The 2020-21 Annual Fund will provide necessary funding to the following:
  • Assuring a Program of Academic Excellence -- $50,000 will support the continued implementation of the International Baccalaureate program (both PYP and MYP) -- including professional development and training for faculty & staff. STEAM, Service Leadership and diversity, equity, and inclusion classes have been added to middle school course offerings; and the addition of Bridges (K-5) and Carnegie Math (6-8) programs.
  • COVID-19 Mitigation -- In these unprecedented times, PCDS is deploying additional resources to keep our students, faculty, and staff save from illness. From supplying our employees with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and engaging in specialized professional development to scheduling additional midday cleaning and purchasing furniture to allow for distancing, we are doing everything we can to mitigate risk of infection.  
  • Outdoor Education Opportunities -- expansion of program offerings in all grades PS-8th; retrofitting and updating our beautiful Greenhouse, the purchase of new tents and camping equipment; additional trips for 5th-8th graders; increased Outdoor Education curriculum for Preschool-2nd Grade.
  • Round Square -- opportunities for middle school students to participate in virtual leadership conferences, with future opportunities for international travel, and cultural exchanges. 
  • Nursery -- the addition of a nursery to provide exceptional childcare to our Faculty's infants/toddlers.
  • Library -- the purchase of additional books to increase the library portfolio to over 6,000 titles; in addition, we will be developing a Middle School satellite library and categorization system.
2020-21 FUND FACTS:
This year’s Annual Fund Campaign will run from October 1 through November 6, culminating with Park City’s annual day of giving, Live PC/Give PC.
  • $150,000 Financial Goal
  • 100% Participation by Faculty and Staff Achieved
  • 100% Family Participation Goal
  • As a 501(c)3 non-profit, your gift to the Annual Fund is tax deductible
  • 100% Board of Trustees Participation Goal
  • Broad participation by the PCDS Community is as important as the gift itself. Every dollar and every family counts. Your gift makes a difference in the lives of PCDS students and teachers!
PCDS Director of Development
Bradley McCutcheon

Development Committee 2020-21
Suzanne McCooey, Chair 
Committee Members:
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Corporate Matching | Double Your Donation

Corporate matching gift programs are the means by which many companies support the charitable giving of their employees and fulfill their own philanthropic goals. 

Generally the process is very simple and often can be completed online through your company. Check the Corporate Matching List here to see if your company can "double your donation" to PCDS. If your employer is not listed, ask your HR department if your company has a matching gift program or is willing to create one; new programs are created each year. 
Corporate matching is an easy way to allow your gift to Park City Day School to have an even greater impact. 

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