PCDS TUITION ASSISTANCE FUND | Gifts of All Sizes Can Make a Big Difference:

The "Tuition Assistance Fund" helps to support current and prospective students. 
Now, more than ever, these resources are vital to our families. Did you know that 35% of PCDS families receive some amount of tuition assistance? And with the current economic climate and world pandemic, we expect the need to rise.
Our school auction would have taken place May 3, 2020, in celebration of our community and to raise much-needed tuition assistance dollars. Unfortunately, all of those plans went by the wayside with our "new normal." Yet, the need for our families is real.
And so, we respectfully ask you to make a donation to this fund (click heart-shaped button, top right). We know that the world has shifted for all of us over these last few months. Yet, please understand that whatever you can contribute will make a difference in the lives of so many of our families. Gifts of all sizes are incredibly important -- after all, when we all come together, we can do great things. We sincerely appreciate your participation in this important campaign.


Recently, PCDS launched an art project to celebrate our community of students, faculty, parents, trustees, alumni, and their families.
 Over 90% of current students and a collection of seventy-five parents, alumni, and faculty participated in this project. 
The artwork that was created reflects who we are (and have been) as a community and will hang in the school beginning Fall 2020. 

Most notably -- yet not all that surprising -- the top three words used to describe PCDS were: COMMUNITY, FRIENDSHIP, and CARING . . . because that is absolutely who we are and what we are all about. For ten years, this has been a familiar refrain at PCDS, "We care about one another." From teacher to student and student to teacher; parent to teacher and teacher to parents; student to student and teacher to teacher; alumni to teachers and teachers to alumni; and all of our families toward one another. We are a community. We lend our hands out in friendship and care for one another. 

Please give today to support the students and families of PCDS!


Park City Day School