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"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." -- Winston S. Churchill

PCDS Giving at a Glance 

As Park City Day School enters its second decade, our community has established an impressive legacy of giving. PCDS thrives from year-to-year thanks to a supportive community that gives of their time, experience, and financial resources. Below you will find an outline of the philanthropic landscape at our school. In the coming weeks, we will be kicking off our 2020-21 Annual Fund and I very much look forward to your participation. This generous support makes it possible for us to achieve the following:
  • Attract accomplished teachers 
  • Provide an innovative curriculum 
  • Pursue International Baccalaureate (IB) candidacy
  • Maintain membership in the Round Square consortium of schools, and 
  • Offer enhanced programming that includes visual and performing arts, STEAM education, music, foreign language, and outdoor education.
Independent schools cannot survive on tuition revenue alone and PCDS does not receive local, state, or federal funding. Our Board of Trustees engages in strategic financial planning to ensure the current and future fiscal health of our school. Yet, like most independent schools, PCDS seeks financial contributions from its community of families and friends to supplement costs associated with providing an outstanding education. This year, the added expense of COVID-19 risk mitigation has added to our financial responsibilities. 
In order to survive and thrive, independent schools like ours rely on a three-pronged approach to philanthropy including: 1) the Annual Fund 2) the Auction and 3) Capital Giving/Major Gifts. All of which are critical components to the fiscal health of an independent school. 
As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all gifts are tax-deductible and no gift is too small. A vibrant, involved, and supportive community helps to ensure the school’s financial stability and secures its future. All contributions demonstrate a commitment to our community and are warmly appreciated. 


The "Tuition Assistance Fund" helps to support current and prospective students. 
Now, more than ever, these resources are vital to our families. Did you know that 35% of PCDS families receive some amount of tuition assistance? And with the current economic climate and world pandemic, we expect the need to rise.
Our school auction would have taken place May 3, 2020, in celebration of our community and to raise much-needed tuition assistance dollars. Unfortunately, all of those plans went by the wayside with our "new normal." Yet, the need for our families is real.
And so, we respectfully ask you to make a donation to this fund (click red box, top right). We know that the world has shifted for all of us over these last few months. Yet, please understand that whatever you can contribute will make a difference in the lives of so many of our families. Gifts of all sizes are incredibly important -- after all, when we all come together, we can do great things. We sincerely appreciate your participation in this important campaign. To donate, click here.


The Annual Fund
The Annual Fund plays a critical role in the ongoing fiscal health of an independent school. At PCDS, this vibrant five week campaign takes place in the fall and helps support the operating budget for the current school year. Financial gifts received during the Annual Fund campaign help bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the actual cost of the educational program. 
The Annual Fund provides a broad-based and accessible way for PCDS to raise money for its educational programming with an emphasis on community participation. All families are asked to contribute at whatever level they feel most comfortable. Last year, gifts ranged from $5 to $50,000, and 100% of PCDS families, Faculty and Staff, and the Board of Trustees contributed over $300,288. Coupled with a generous corporate matching gift, we successfully raised over $600,000 in the record breaking effort!

Donations to the Annual Fund are “unrestricted” and are used to maintain and enhance current programs and facilities. The 2020-21 Annual Fund campaign will run between October 1st and November 6, 2020 culminating with Live PC Give PC.
Why doesn’t PCDS raise tuition to cover operating costs?
The Annual Fund allows independent schools like PCDS to keep tuition as competitive as possible for a majority of our  families. This allows the opportunity for voluntary, tax deductible contributions to help make up the difference between the tuition revenue and the operating budget. 
The PCDS Board of Trustees believes that a socioeconomically diverse student body brings valuable learning perspectives to our school. In order to facilitate this, the Board tries to strike a balance between: 1) setting a competitive tuition price which covers a majority of the budgetary needs, and 2) NOT pricing the tuition so high that it forces our families to seek other options. 
Additionally, strong family participation in the Annual Fund is a major indicator to outside long-term funding sources that our community is committed to the school.
The Auction
The PCDS Auction has been incredibly successful over the years in providing tuition assistance and scholarship funds for our students, as well as professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. The Auction is held biennially in even-numbered years. 
The most recent PCDS Auction, “The Sneaker Ball,” was held at the Glenwild Golf Club and raised over $185,000. PCDS parents, friends, community leaders, faculty and staff enjoyed a fabulous night of dinner and dancing, while participating in various auctions and opportunity drawings. The next Auction is scheduled to be the first weekend in May, 2021 pending COVID-19 developments.
Major Gifts and Capital Giving

Major Gifts and Capital Campaigns are focused on securing high-value donations. Gifts may be given in one lump sum or over a period of years and can be earmarked as either “restricted” or “unrestricted.” They may be used to replenish and sustain reserves, as well as to fund everything from academic programs, to attracting, recruiting, and retaining  outstanding faculty and staff. 

A Capital Campaign is a school-wide effort to fund large-scale needs, including renovation and building projects, technology and campus improvements, or significant programmatic  upgrades. These types of campaigns are well-publicized and usually take place over a period of years.
The Next Decade
Even in our short history, PCDS has a wonderful story to tell. A decade ago, as the communities of The Colby School and Park City Academy merged to create the Park City Day School, a handful of families came forward and generously provided multi-year donations to sustain our creation. These donations have contributed significantly to the lives of countless young people and helped establish a tradition of giving at PCDS that has allowed it to become what it is today. 
As we look ahead to the next decade, we are seeking your partnership and participation in our fundraising efforts to cement Park City Day School’s future and invest in our legacy as a premier independent school. On Thursday, October 1st, you will receive more details about the 2020-21 Annual Fund and I thank you in advance for your participation.  Please contact me with any questions or if you have a desire to get involved in our development efforts.     
Warmest regards, 

Brad McCutcheon      
Director of Development & Communications

Park City Day School